Memory Parity Error/ PXE-E05 Lan adapter´s configuration corrupted

Here is what happened:

The light went out , and I think it affected the hardware some how (speculation)

When I turn on the computer it initialize correctly and I could get in to the OS (Windows XP SP 3), after initializing it showed a blue screen (I could not see the log in blue screen since it just went for 2 -3 seconds).

Now when I turn on my computer, some times the CMOS setup resets and ask me for the language setup or I notice the "NO PXE" after pressing the boot menu (F9). When I actually want to go in the boot menu (F9) it displays

PXE-E05 The lan adapter´s configuraition is corrupted or has not been initialized. The boot agent cannot continue.

But after a few seconds I can select wich device I want to boot. When I select the HDD option it loads the OS and then when displaying the classical XP loading screen it goes black and then shows me the Blue screen. I eventually booted the "Hirens boot CD 15.1" and tried to access the mini windows xp option that loads from RAM it tries to load and it gives me the Parity Check/ Memory Parity Error The system is halted, this also shows up sometimes when loading the OS (Windows XP SP3 I have).

After a few thinking I tried loading the OS with one RAM at a time ( I have 2 RAMS 128 mb and 256 mb) and with the 128 MB one I could load windows xp fine and shut it down (like in 5 minutes since it is too slow with the 128 MB one), when I tried doing the 256 MB it showed up the error system halted or blue screen.

Other Fact when I go in to safe mode with networking (With the 2 RAMS) it worked and could access the internet but I could do this only once, I mean I could only access one time correctly with the networking since I booted up again and tried the same option and I couldn´t access internet (Safe mode with networking).

I haven´t been able to test the HDD or a complete memory test with the RAM, I´ll see if I can find another HDD to boot up also I haven´t reseted the CMOS manually.

I know it could be the RAM but if it could initialize with the 2 RAMS in safe mode what does this mean?

Thanks for your time I know this is my first post but I always look in this site for answers when needed.
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  1. Windows loads fewer drivers in safe mode, so it might not use the bad memory area. I would get new memory or a new computer.
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