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Hi all..

Well According to VG247 :

It seams that the Playstation 4 hardware components mostly has been revealed

It is said that this time Sony will use a x86 processor, instead of the Cell processor used on PS3, it would be a modified AMD A10 series APU [ even the first generation i7 of intel are faster than that !!]

the site didn't mention anything about a video card, but it seams that rumors said it would be a 7 series ATI, and probably a modified version of the ATI HD 7670

some additional info about how many rams inside, some said to be 8 GB or 16 GB, and it will be standard for storage 256 GB [no body knows if it is HDD or SDD]

we have many questions here guys, help me if u know the answer plz :) !

-first it seams that the APU won't be that tough as long as there are many processors now are better that this, as contrary, ps3 cell processor was a beast when it was released beyond pc processors, am i correct about that ?!

-second, jumping from the cell processor technology to the x86 architecture, would it be easier to port games from PS4 to PC , i mean more easier than the PS3 ?!

-third, if it is an x86 architecture design has been used on a console, so what differs it from a normal PC then ?! i mean - referring my knowledge and i might be wrong - the cell processor that in ps3 was for a dedicated purpose only and can't do many stuff like any pc processors, but jumping to x86 architecture, it will give PS4 potential to run as a PC, as long that design architecture is based on multi purpose use...right ?!!

Thx alot,

Best regards :)
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  2. Makes sense, they can crossfire IGP from A10 with HD7670. This was probably done under pressure from game developers so they can port games between PC/XBox/PS4 more easily (no silly optimizations for Cell CPU).
  3. 1. Probably yes. Though I wouldn't say that the cell CPU was a beast.

    2. Most probably yes.

    3. A processor can do all tasks - the architecture just tells how it does it. Cell processor was a fully capable processor that could be used for computations (although, not very effectively :D). The difference from normal PC will be the operating system.
  4. Well u mean ps4 as it is a x86 architecture , could run a manipulated version of let's say Microsoft Windows 7 just as a normal pc ?

    i know this is possible on ps3 as well, but it will took more time and effort to make a birth of such a manipulation , because of the architecture differences

    i ask this in term of making sure porting games would be easy, not only from ps4 to pc, but inverse as well
  5. Doubt it. Can you run Android on iPhone or vice versa? Both use ARM architecture CPUs.
  6. Well, i think yes it's possible , i saw both of those ports on both devices on You Tube , and tell u what, i use a Nokia N9 as a phone, it runs MeeGo, and i recently installed a manipulated port of android jelly bean called NitDroid 4.1.3

    yes it's a poor port but what it lacks is the number of developpers on that project
  7. Well, the fact that android is an open source OS means that it can be ported. However, windows is not, and that means there will be zero developers.
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