Gaming Headset £70

Hi guys,
Im again on the lookout for another gaming acessory
My Skullcandy Lowriders have started to fail me and i thought this time i could get an actual gaming headset.
My budget is 70 GBP
I will not only be using them for gaming, but also for listening to music and movies so i expect them to have good performance not only in games e.g having good bass and spectrum of sound.

Currently i prefer things from:

But im open to any suggestions :D
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  1. Take a look at SteelSeries Siberia v2 my cousin has a pair i thought they were good.
  2. I looked at them. The Ipod optimised ones caught my attention. I prefer headsets with only 1 3.5mm jack so these are perfect. The 7H also caught my attention though..
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