Overclocking Asus k53tk Laptop with AMD® APU A6-3420M

I have a Asus k53tk laptop with AMD® APU A6-3420M and when i went on staples and saw their website it says 1.5ghz up to 2.4ghz turbo boost. I can easily overclock my cpu using amd vision engine control centre and i can overclock it up to 3.2ghz. If i use 1ghz or 2.4ghz they all use same voltage 1.5v so does it mean it's safe to overclock to 2.4ghz? and what is the hottest temperature it can get?
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  1. I've overclocked it to 2.4ghz and the cpu temperature gets to 64 degress celsius when playing a game is this normal and can i go any furhter? like 3ghz i also tested it and it got 66 degrees celsius
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