Acer aspire 4739z its not turn on can u help me

I've Acer aspire 4739z laptop, when I was working with my lap on last Sunday it turned off then it never turned on. When I press power button the power light blinks on and off, it never turned on I checked RAM also but it wont turn on, even I was connected the laptop with charger the blue light only blinks there s no results, it never charge charge and turn on, help me please...... can u help what i do with this laptop
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  1. There is evidently a hardware problem, some hardware that is vital to the laptop's ability to stay turned on. It's impossible to say exactly which part has failed without having the laptop opened up and examined by someone who knows about such things.

    You will have to take it to a laptop repair centre and ask them to have a look at it.
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