Msvcr100.dll missing?

Hi all,

I have installed Camstudio 2.7 and I can't open it because it is missing msvcr100.dll, I have researched this and it said that I have to download the Visual Studio c++ package thing that will fix this issue but it didnt not help.

What I found that out is I have msvcr110.dll in my System32 and that I am able to open the Player camstudio but not the recorder. I am running 64bit Pro version.

My Windows 7 machine has the msvcr100.dll file, I was thinking to just copy it across to windows 8 system32 ? Or is this too risky? I might try today clean installing windows 8 but I dont know if that would help.

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Zombie :sol: .
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  1. I have the same problem and tried the same thing to fix it. I'm replying to subscribe to the thread. Sorry I didn't mean to get your hopes up with this post. Someone please help. My problem was from a game I downloaded from Steam. I asked them for help but haven't gotten a response. If I do and it works I'll post it here.

  2. Watch This Video This problem Will Be Resolved!!!:D
  3. Place the path where this is present in the %PATH% or at least the "\java\bin" appended to the %PATH% variable, it should work
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