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i have a Gigabyte 890GPA UD3H motherboard and by default its Rev. 00 and i would like to install latest drivers but when i visit the gigabytes official site i can find all the latest drivers of rev.1.1,rev.1.2,rev.2.1,rev.3.3 etc my questions are as follows :

1.) Can i install rev 2.0 or rev. 3.3 drivers for my motherboard ?
2.) Do i have to update my BIOS for this ?
3.) is it safe or will i encounter problems by doing so ?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Oldest here is ver 1.0 most likely what you got your safest bet on drivers. No you do not have to update BIOS, if working fine best let alone since BIOS upgrade can brick a board.
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