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hi, we are having unlimited BT broadband fitted and the lad wants to take a ethernet cable from Hub to his xbox..will this slow down the internet for me and missus for our usage or not? we watch eurosport( moto gp) and go on ebay..facebook
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  1. Maybe. It depends how fast a internet connection you have purchased and what exactly he is doing. I would suspect in most cases it will have no impact. If you have a low bandwidth connection and he uses the xbox to stream video off the internet it could cause a issue.
  2. thanks....not used these forums but kinda useful..guess i will find out soon.
  3. once bt is installed run a speed test like

    or as its more accurate log in to the bt router and see your speed

    my friend lives in the sticks and her kids cant use xbox live and youtube at the same time due to low speed

    i would estimate if you get 5MBs or higher it should be ok

    do you know how close you are to your telephone exchange?
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