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AMD Crossfire DDR3 or DDR5?

Hello everyone I want to crossfire my RIG. This are my RIG's specs:

CPU: A10 5800k 4.2 ghz.
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-F2A85X-D3H.
RAM: G.Skill 8GB 2x4gb 1600.
HDD: 1 TB Seagate.
PSU: 600 Watts.
CASING: Aerocool Strike X Advance White.

I don't know if I what GPU i need between the 6670 1gb ddr5 128bit or 6670 2gb ddr3 128 bit (Sapphire Brand) can someone help me please?
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    You want DDR5, it is much faster than DDR3, the standard for RAM in PC's has been DDR3 for a while, in the near future they will switch to DDR4, so consider the switch from 3 to 5 a 2 generation jump, much faster.
  2. you can pair any one ddr3 or ddr5.i suggest pair with ddr5 as it is much faster than ddr3
  3. Same thing here, you should definitely get DDR5, it offers twice more bandwidth for the memory compared to DDR3.
  4. Thanks guys :)
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