CPU Cooling for this Computer

I'm pretty much definitely going to buy this computer:
but my biggest problem is- I need a CPU cooler, because I'm going to be overclocking. I'm kind of a computer newbie, never built/taken apart a computer, but I would like to put this CPU cooler:
in it.
The PC I'm getting is already built, so will I be able to open it and put the cooler in it? And would I need any extra screws or things?

Also, does this computer come with a thing to connect to the internet with? Lke the standard chip or whatever it is.
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  1. The heat sink you want to buy will come with everything you need already. You may want thermal paste though such as AS5 or MX-4 instead of stock paste.

    This PC does not come with a decent heat-sink already?

    If not take the stock one off, clean thermal paste off with some rubbing alcohol and something soft, then apply a pea sized spot of thermal paste on center of the CPU, then put on the heat-sink. Follow the instructions since this is your first time.

    Yes, it will come with an Ethernet port, just plug your PC into router with the cable.

    Seems like your being ripped off on this site, not very good looking.
  2. yes you can open it and put a new cooler in

    but this may void your warranty

    and depending on the cooler in it now you may have to remove the motherboard to replace it

    yes it comes able to connect to the internet by ethernet cable but not wireless

    you do realise theres no operating system on it?
  3. For a modest overclock, the stock cooler will do.
    You might want to try that option first.
    Yes, the evo should fit. It will include thermal paste and parts.
    You will need access to the back of the motherboard to install the evo.
    Some cases have an opening large enough to do this.
    Otherwise, you will need to remove the motherboard from the case.
    This may include disconnecting and reconnecting cables and power leads.
    Make notes/take pics before you remove anything.
    And... yes, the motherboard has an included lan connector. If your internet connection is via wifi, then you will need an adapter.
  4. If you do have to remove the motherboard and do not want to, a Coolermaster TX3 is another option. It mounts to the motherboard the same way the stock cooler does. Still better than stock by far. I used one for a build for someone because it fit into his budget and was on sale. We only clocked his 3570k to 4.0ghz, but it seemed to work quite well. Temps were in the 40c-50c range while installing all the software, drivers, and utilities.

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