RunDLL Error on Start-up


Upon start-up I am greeted by the following two errors:

There was a problem starting C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Diagnostics\xdlqzl.dll

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I am able to close the error windows and use my computer but it is running hot, CPU is maxed out and sometimes the computer will spontaneously shut down. Norton anti-virus hasn't found any problems and according to my diagnostics there is nothing wrong with memory or CPU usage. My computer is a 1-year old Sony VAIO S-Series running Windows 7/i5/6gb memory.

What could be causing this trouble?
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  1. You have malware I would download something like Malware Bytes and scan your PC.
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    There are a few better things to do. (This does not come with a warranty, you are responsible for any software issues caused by running any of these scans.) That being said, I work at an MSP and use these tools daily.
    1) Download and run rkill:
    2) Download and run MalwareBytes (note, do not install pro):
    3) Download and run combofix (note, you will lose internet connection):
    4) Download and run tdsskiller:
    5) Scan your PC with your preferred AV software: I use AVG for personal computers and Kaspersky for work PC's.
    6) Reboot and type "msconfig" in the run box.
    Go to startup then uncheck anything you do not want to automatically start with your PC. Be conservative and see how quickly it starts. I find that 99/100 times it doesn't hurt to uncheck something, but you might have software you want to start with your PC.

    Good Luck!
  3. ikaz and mjmacka,

    thank you for helping me out.

    Mjmacka, I didn't have time to download and run the programs during the week, but went right to it this morning (my day off). It looks like the combination of programs that you recommended fixed the error! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my thread and help me fix my computer.

    Mr Kamps
  4. No problem. Enjoy the spyware/virus free PC!!!
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