[US] Where's the MSI R7970 Lightning Gone?

Living in the United States, I have been hunting for the MSI R7970 Lightning for over 3 weeks now and I just cannot seem to find it anywhere. NewEgg, TigerDirect, Amazon (excluding eBay, those prices are just ridiculous)...they're all out of stock. I contacted MSI and they said that they hadn't discontinued the card. My question is, does anybody know what is going on with the availability of this card? I have built my rig for overclocking purposes and this is the final part that I want to complete it. In the event that anyone responds to this thread, any links or knowledge about what is going on would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. yeah here in belgium the same thing happend i saw it on the site for 2 days and then it was gone. i just think it was some sort of an limited offer or it just was WAY to pupolar so it got sold out and they can't keep the producton up. you better be fast when you find one. maybe you better get an ghz edition or so from another company
  2. update: they don't make them anymore.
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