Resident evil 4 wont start???

I have resident evil 4 installed perfectly on my pc but when i double click on shortcut it just comes waiting time and then nothing happens i waited about 5 minutes and ofcourse i got this game early and it s worked like a charm soo pls anyone help i want to play this game!!
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  1. So did it works before? what got changes?
  2. Yea but i fixed it i havent got full acelerationof my gfx soo can you help me to get the old usa version because ive got european version and it Adds shadows and effects soo it makes my game sloooooweeeerrr pls help me?
  3. can't you change the settings? wait the minutes, you didn't buy it did you?
  4. You cant change em unfortinantley only screen resolution soo no way to change settings have you got usa patch pls tell me?
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