Laptop Isn't Working The Way It Should...

As you may have guessed, I have a problem:

I have with me an Acer Aspire 5349 laptop that belongs to my uncle's chick's friend. He asked me to help him fix the computer; while I did not get full details on how it happened, this is the problem:
-> The laptop some sort of virus (or worm) that seems to have started the problem*
-> When starting up, the laptop easily passes the BIOS POST test (I believe it comes before the OS choice menu) but when the OS menu should pop up (intially had a 3 second timer I changed to 10 but alas to no avail) it instantly flashes away followed by a black screen and more than (at least) 10 beeps, thereafter it shows the Vista loading screen, boots into Vista but then makes the error sound you get when you press random keys (or sth like that) and opens Welcome Center screen and (just to make life more difficult) for a certain period of time, or until you use the arrow keys, opening the start menu instantly opens Documents and attempting to hover the cursor over any folder automatically opens it.

I need to figure out a way to possibly save some of the data (like movies, music, etc. since they are saved on a separate partition, not on Boot partition), completely wipe Windows, reinstall it and get on with my life:wahoo:

Any (helpful) advice/comments is gladly accepted

P.S. Not sure if the laptop is possessed:spookie: or trolling:D...
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  1. If the data you're tryng to save is really important to you; you could:

    1. Try and mount it in another computer you own.
    2. Get a local computer technician to help as they'll usually have an extenal hard drive mounter.

    I'm not sure if this is parctical but if yu're data is important enough you'll consider it.
  2. are you sure it not a key getting stuck? can you get into safe mode?
  3. I do have an external drive that I could save the data to I was just worried that a possible virus could be there - alas I checked the partition with my Anti-virus, it seems clean so I think I will do that.

    It doesnt really give me a chance to boot into safe mode since it almost instantly selects Vista (it only worked once when I pressed down multiple times, but now that doesn't even work) - as for the stuck key thing, I do suspect that as well since some keys on the keyboard don't respond (e.g. 'o' key and backspace). But looking at the keys they none seemed pressed down.
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    Hi :)

    Error BEEPS are ALWAYS a hardware fault... as a guess its your keyboard , with some keys stuck or shorting out across each other...

    Try this... disconnect the ribbon cable UNDER the keyboard (Google your model video on removing keyboard if you don't know how)

    AFTER disconnecting your keyboard, connect a standard USB keyboard and it "should" all work OK again...if it does its new keyboard time....

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Well then I guess I will have to check with the keyboard and get back with my results, but thanks for all the help so far.
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