getting bsod, think its from hard drive.

I keep getting this bsod acpi.sys. I've tried testing the RAM, reinstalling OS, Reset CMOS, messing around in BIOS but I can't find anything to fix it, now I'm stuck with an empty Hard drive and no where to go. Help? It would be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the bsod im getting.
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  1. I had a similar problem - the solution was a bad RAM stick. I couldn't install Windows 7 - random BSOD during install. Microsoft memory tests passed, and memtest also passed. I removed all but one of the RAM sticks, it still failed, replaced that one with the 2nd one - everything worked fine.

    I returned the RAM sticks for RMA, and the issue was resolved - new RAM and system are working great.
  2. Ronin beat me to it. But just to go a tad bit further. How much Ram do you have? There are issues sometimes with 4GB (2x2GB) of ram allowing windows 7 to install. Try removing one stick as mentioned above and try to install from there.
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