No LAN or internet without the Windows 8 machine

Hi I have 3 Windows 7 machines sitting behind 2 Netgear switches and a Netgear DG834GT Modem/Router.

I just bought a new machine with Windows 8 Pro plugged it into the switch and everything worked just fine (complete LAN and internet access). But now I have found that if the Windows 8 machine is powered off NONE of the other rigs can access the router or the internet.

I have done the usual ipconfig interrogation and release and renew and flushed the DNS when the Windows 8 machine is powered on and everything looks fine according to the router but turn the Windows 8 machine off and a minute or 2 later and BAM! no internet.

I assume this is some kind of ipv6 jape but cannot for the life of me work out where it is hiding

Suggestions please ? I am very willing to post images of ipconfig but thought I would set out the question first and reply to requests for info as quickly as I can
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  1. Can you confirm if the other machines pick up an IP address when windows 8 machine is turned off, sound like windows 8 is providing DHCP but that would be very strange, Can you confirm DHCP is enabled on the router. Also what happens when you restart the router once the Windows 8 machine has disconnected from the network?

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