Two Chips Instead Of One?

I'm a newbie planning my first custom build. Would two "good quality" chips say
two i7-3770S work better or worse than one expensive super chip like a i7 3960X?
Are there motherboards that would support two chips? Or is this the wrong approach? I want a graphics intensive machine.
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  1. Those will not work together you need Xeon for multi CPU support. Graphics would be handled by the GPU so a single strong CPU would be fine.
  2. Purpose? Like Photoshop? Gaming? If this is for gaming, a i5-3570K is the highest you need to go. There's no advantages of going higher. If it's heavy Photoshop, 3D rendering, etc, then the best CPU for the money is the i7-3930K.
  3. As was mentioned, you need a Xeon (or Opteron) but not just any Xeon, it has to be a Xeon e5 or e7 series with a 2000 series model number or above. It gets really expensive really fast as not only are the CPUs much more pricy, but you need special motherboards and Registered/ECC RAM.

    Depending on the apps, all those CPU/cores may not actually make a huge difference.
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