Should i get the GTX 690/ TITAN or Crossfire 7970s?

I'm building a new gaming rig, I will be using an intel processor (probably the 3970x), water cooled, with 4X4GB of RAM, and a 2560x1440 monitor. Since I'm water cooling I will do a bit of overclocking. My biggest battle now is whether to buy a GTX TITAN or 690. Which is better for a single monitor gaming setup, and other GPU intensive applications like amatuer 3D modeling? Also for the same price I can also crossfire 7970s, which may or may not be a better choice. Thanks! :D
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  1. Either the 7970's or the 690 depending on your needs for max game perf while titan is the best for modelling IMO
    2x7970's can be had for about $800 while the 690 and titan are at $1k ish

    For 1080p pretty much any of the setups would be more than enough and very little noticeable difference

  2. Titan is for multimonitor gaming.
    690 If you need to use nvidia not amd
    7970 SLI BEST CHOICE for singel monitor gaming
  3. BigMack70 said:
    aleksanderdev said:
    Titan is for multimonitor gaming.
    690 If you need to use nvidia not amd
    7970 SLI BEST CHOICE for singel monitor gaming

    What a bunch of nonsense :non:

    Anyways OP, CF 7970s is substantially faster in all the games it works (a small handful of games don't work well with crossfire - browse through TPU's review for examples).

    Basically it's your choice - do you want to have a faster setup that can be finnicky with drivers and may need to use framerate limiters to avoid stutter (7970 CF)? Or do you want a slightly slower setup that has no complications (GTX Titan)?

    If you're talking about a single 1080p screen, I'd say get the Titan, as nothing is even close to needing more power than the Titan offers at 1080p. If you're talking about a single 1440/1600p screen, the extra speed of 2x7970s may come in handy and be worth consideration.

    I'm guessing that since you're new to this and since you're already OK dropping cash on overpriced parts (the 3970X), the Titan is absolutely the card for you.

    With a singel screen, no more than 2-3gbVram will be used. Leaving 3-4GB of unused Vram on Titan.
    Thats a good way to spend your money and not be able to use it -.-
    The 690 Will give you better performance its a stronger card than titan, though it has 2gb which may be a little low for some games.
    Now the 7970 With 3GB CF both performs better and has enough vram for everygame on a singel monitor.

    The problems with micro stuttering and drivers are very small and well worth it.
  4. BigMack70 said:
    Your advice is facepalm level horrible. Please stop.

    The vram amount is meaningless for OP's question as nothing needs 6gb (and if you start talking about modded skyrim, that's irrelevant... you can make modded skyrim fill up 6gb vram at 1080p if you want). Even if something DID need 6GB vram, the Titan isn't even close to fast enough to drive the settings that would need that much vram. MULTIPLE Titan cards is a good setup for multi-monitor, but a single Titan card is no better than 7970 CF.

    What matters is how the Titan performs vs how the 7970s (or the 690 or whatever) perform.

    The only things relevant to OP's question are:
    1) 7970 CF does NOT work in a couple games, and 7970 CF DOES need a framerate limiter in most games in order for stutter to not be an issue. The problems with microstutter can be HUGE if you are unwilling to use a framerate limiter - both my experience, the experience of others, and every recent review that looks at frametimes will show you this. It is not a problem if you use a framerate limiter, so reviews often overstate it, but it IS a problem. You also have to be more careful about keeping your drivers up to date with CF or SLI as opposed to a single card.

    2) 7970 CF is substantially faster than a Titan in the 90% or so of games that it works for

    3) On a single 1080p screen, the Titan is plenty fast enough and will avoid the issues in #1 without a noticeable drop in performance

    4) On a single 1440p/1600p screen, the Titan is still fast enough for most things, but the 7970s will give a noticeable performance advantage (better framerates and/or higher playable settings) in anything demanding, so long as you're OK playing around with framerate limiters.

    Your pretty much saying what i said and i agree whats most important is the performacne of the Titan vs 7970's or 690
    And the 7970's performance is better.
    Though as you said theres a problem with not every game supporting it.
    Now its not that bad as most newer games support CFX. And that older games that dosn't, will run maxed out with out CFX on a singel 7970.
    Hers a list of some supported unsupported games.

    As for my Vram argument i was just saying that spending so much money on a product that has more than what you can use i stupid.
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