PSU (Modular Vs Non Modular)

Hey everyone, little bit lost here. I understand I believe to know the basic difference between modular and Non modular(wires built in). What I dont know and it would greatly help out with finalizing my build is which one I should choose. If I go with the modular, does it come with all the necessary wires to connect all the components? Again I am extremely new at this, any advice would greatly help! Thanks for all the help!
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  1. Yes, a modular power supply will have all the cables you need. Modular power supplies are great for cable management and overall clean look.
  2. It depends. If you have a larger case, you can probably get away with using a non modular PSU. However, as there is generally not a big price difference, go for the modular. It'll make life easier.

    As for the cables, check under the description of the part listing. It should tell you what connectors it comes with. Then just compare it to how many SATA or PCI components you have.
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