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Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 overclocking possibilities?

Hi does anyone have some experience with overclocking on this MB? :P I got all my components today so gonna OC it a little bit for the parts which I want to OC == AMD phenom II 965 BE & SAPPHIRE HD 7870 XT BOOST will there be problems on this board ? :) and if not how far you think I can get with stock cooling ? :) phenom on revision 3 seems to have pretty solid cooling and sapphire with stock cooling should be enough :) any thoughts
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  1. What cooler do you have? What do you know about overclocking?.
  2. overclocking isnt an issue I know the steps how to do it and so on :) and coolers are stock on graphics/CPU just need to know if board can handle it withou increasing voltage because I dont want to overdo it :)
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    Motherboard can handle it, but if you don't want increase voltage the overclock will be very limited, around 300MHz maybe.
  4. sure I know :) thx
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