How to extract damage Zip files?

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I can’t extract my Zip files from damage Zip database and shows error message like “the compressed zip folder corrupted or invalid”. In that situation, which is best solution to repair my corrupt Zip file easily without losing Zip file content?
If anyone has solution to overcome this corruption issues so share with me.

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  1. It may not be necesarily damaged, it could have been zipped in a later version of Winzip than you have on this PC, meaning that you need a later version toopen the zip file.

    It might be some sort of other brand zip compiler that was used to zip them and you re using a different one to open it.
  2. How is it that you can advise other people as to how to fix corrupt zip files but can't fix your own?
  3. Hi friends,

    Thanks for give me positive response. I am pleasure thankful you. I am sharing with you something. When am I finding strong or an unique software for repairing my corrupt zip files then I got it, wonderful site and I read one article on there website. In which article gave whole information about zip file recovery software. I used that. But recently I have downloaded only demo version. When will get I perfectly satisfaction then I will purchase full comprehensive version. That is site article link if anybody want to resolve such problem then visit here :-
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