Re-use Hard Drives (Was RAID 0)

I built a replacement system with new Windows 7 OS, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, PSU, and SSD. I would like to use the old hard drives (two 250GB of which were a RAID 0 in windows XP). The BIOS recognizes the Drives but the OS does not. If I go into "Disk Management", I can find an "unrecognized drive" that is 500GB. I have tried to initialize this, however, I get an error that the Disk Manager cannot find the file.
Should I try installing only one of the drives at a time (so the system does not think it is one big drive?
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  1. Format it and partition it. It should be recognizable
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    RAID is finicky - if the drives have changed ports on the mother board, you will probably have to re-initialize the RAID array in your BIOS (even though it is recognized as a single volume). Unless you absolutely have to have a single volume, I would recommend changing it to Non-RAID, and create two volumes. If one of the two drives fail, you lose both.

    In Windows 7, you can setup the Libraries to use the two volumes by going to your library, right clicking on the specific library (documents, music, pictures, videos), and putting a path to the folder. By default, these are set to C:\USERS\%USERNAME%\%Library%\. If you replace the C:\ with D:\ (assuming the drive letter is D:), the library will be moved to that disk. You can also have multiple folders - i.e. D:\USERS\%USERNAME%\%LIBRARY% and E:\USERS\%USERNAME%\%LIBRARY%.
  3. Use the motherboards raid function at post to re-create / initialise the raid and then use disk manager to put online in XP.
  4. Okay, Good suggestions. I have 2 options:
    1) Go into the BIOS and create the two drives as a RAID 0. Initialize them in Windows, Paqrtition and format. Then if I want, I can go back into the BIOS and delete the RAID. This should allow me to re-format as two drives.
    2) Unplug one of the drives. Try to initialize the drive in Windows (then partion and format) and after that is complete, plug the dive back in and do it again (for the 2nd drive).

    As for th3_ory's suggestion, Windows 7 will not allow a format r partition until the drive is regognized (either as an MBR drive or GPT drive), which is where my error is occurring.
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