Running a dos program in Windows 8??

Would someone be able to help me with this? I have an old dos settlement calculator and need to run it on my new Windows 8 computer. What are the steps I need to take to get the thing open and running??? I have dosprogs but I don't know how to set anything up :( - Adam
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  1. You could give this a try: see below.

    It’s based upon DosBox, focused on non-gaming, serious programs.
    Addressing some shortcomings like printing.
    If your application runs with DosBox, it will probably also run with vDos.

    Unzip vDos.7z to a (new) folder (vDos?).
    Start vDos.exe.
    It should launch DataPerfect Test Drive 2.3.
    You could try printing something from it and see how it looks.

    Close it.
    Copy your Dos application folder to the vDos folder.
    Edit the autoexec.txt file:
    Line 18: “cd dptest” -> “cd <your dos foldername>”
    Line 21: “dpt” -> “<your dos application>”

    Start vDos.exe, it should now launch your application.
    If all goes well, you can create a shortcut to vDos.exe on your desktop.
    Eventually set in properties start minimized for a nicer startup.

    FYI: vDos is now hosted at SourceForge:
    Yesterday I published a new version.
    Have a look at changes.pdf if these are of interest.
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