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Is the GTX 660Ti a Good Graphics Card?

I was planning on picking up the GeForce GTX 660Ti today at the local Micro Center. I was wondering if this was a decent card to get. I have done all the research I just want to know from personal experience. The only "heavy" game I have right now is Skyrim. But I plan on getting Battlefield 3 soon.

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    yes its very good, and plays the game well. Skyrim benchmarks
    and does a better job than some more expensive cards in bf3 bf3 benchmarks
  2. Very good mainstream gaming card.
  3. Go for either a gtx 670 or a gtx 660, i faced the same problem when i was deciding to buy a new card this month, the gtx 660ti isnt a great card for the cost, the memory on this card is a serious problem especially when u exceed 1.5 gb usage as the last .5 gb only has access to one of the three memory controllers. I went with the Sapphire HD 7950 vapor x as its the best bang for the buck and is future proof, but if u want to go with the nvidia camp then go with either the gtx 660 or gtx 670. I recommend that u get one from asus, they make great nvidia gpus.
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