Richland TSTC advantage in mini-itx HTPC?

I've been considering the most efficient way of building my next htpc as a mini-itx that can double-duty as a steambox, and I have been very intrigued by the prospect of the Richland A10-6800K being able to do the job and allowing me to avoid the addition of a dedicated videocard.

The latest details on how Richland will achieve it's performance boost over Trinity has me worried however about whether the advantage of AMD's Temperature Smart Turbo Core technology will be moot in a mini-itx enclosure - especially if I'm looking to keep it as quite as possible for HTPC use.

This brings me to my question for anyone with mini-itx building experience: should I expect to get an advantage from Richland even in a mini-itx htpc, or should I just get a Trinity cpu and maybe save some money?
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  1. AS we all know the stock coolers are all somewhat loud and mini-itx cases are not know for their airflow properties and definitely will not have room for larger/quieter coolers. Have you plan for keeping this cpu cool?
  2. I think it's better to use A10-6700 because of its power consumption and TDP 65W. I already have Athlon II X4 740 (Trinity) and it's pretty cool and quiet under this miniITX cooler. Also there are a lot of other good low profile coolers.
  3. The A10-6700 is a much better solution! I'm looking at getting an NH-L9a cooler, but I'm still concerned about how the Richland achieves it's power boost over Trinity in a small form factor. Would the Temperature Smart Turbo Core which Richland uses not be inhibited by a small form factor TDP restrictions, at least to the point where Trinity could achieve the same results?
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