Brand New Build-Monitor won't turn on! Please help!

So I've been researching for about a month on the P.C. I want to build via newegg/toms. I purchased all my components (AMD Build-based around Vishera 8320). I installed all of my components; the only thing I re-used from my store bought asus computer was the 1Tb Seagate 7200 rpm HDD with windows 7 already on it, and my Radeon HD 6750. Hours before the build, my old computer was working fine; I assembled and powered on my new comp, and my monitor doesn't even turn on. If I manually turn the power on the monitor, it says "No Signal", and powers down. In addition, the power led on the front panel of my Corsair Carbide series 200R blinks on and off-as if the power getting to the components is being interrupted, instead of having a solid, constant stream of power (front panel light flickering only). I will admit that I installed my old phenom II just to test my components because my Vishera came one day after all my other components came, and I have yet to test the system using my new 8320. One of my pins on my phenom are bent.

1.) All case fans, gpu, cpu, and psu fans all start up and run fine upon powering on system.
2.) All LED's on my MSI 990FXA-GD65V2 MB turn on. (I don't have a small speaker to here a post beep or anything)
3.) I uninstalled all but my first RAM stick to see If I could get my monitor to turn on.
4.) Near the PCI express cards, there is a power supply input; however, my video card does not require a connection to my psu. Does my PCI Express slots need power anyways?
5.) I removed 2 MB standoffs that came installed on my case, and left the rubber one in the middle because the guy at corsair said too. I ensured that the standoffs that I left on my case match up with my MB, and screwed them in securely.
6.) Optical drive functions (trey opens, closes), and I can hear my hdd spin upon powering up the pc (no click of death).

I can't even tell what is wrong with my pc because my monitor doesn't get signal!

Specs: Corsair Carbide 200R
Corsair CX-750 PSU
AMD FX-8320 Vishera 3.5gh
ADATA 2x2 (4gigs total) Gaming Series 1600 RAM
Asus Optical Drive
Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm 1tb hdd
XFX HD Radeon 6750
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    did you install all the updated drivers for the GPU? Did you check to make sure you are using the correct cable for your monitor to GPU? (DVI-D, DVI-I) VGA, USB. Is the monitor to large for the GPU, I had the same problem with a HD6450, it will not run on 1080 monitors.
  2. Yea..drivers help:P thanks!
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