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Im trying to burn ubuntu & Dban to 2 separate disc(1-16x DVD+R 4.7GB) i tryed on another more expensive disc. i tried PowerISO, ImgBurn and a couple more none work its all error messages. the computer im booting these files from cannot boot from a usb, too old. someone please help...its very frustrating..
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  1. you need Nero or EasyCD Creator full version, you can get them for as low as $40
  2. I doubt it's the programs that are the issue imo. Ive used Imgburn for a long long time and ive never had issues. I have had issues where the optical drive only support Dvd +r or +rw etc. Check that your using the appropriate disks for the drive first, If so then i'd look to use another machine before dropping money on a program that's likely not going to work with the same pc.
  3. I agee with unoriginal, I have used imgburn for a number of years now and never had any problems with it. What are the error messages? That might help us a bit with trying to solve your problem.
  4. check your dvd burner drive firmware..could be a firmware issue to read the newer media. the other issue is on some system burning the disk to fast...get data under runs or the anti virus turns on and ruins the disks. try burning your next disk at 1x speed and turn off evrything in the backgound...use msconfig and turn everything off in startup.
  5. Its says-
    PowerISO: "Media detect failed, or no media in the drive."
    ImgBurn: @ the bottom left is says "Device not ready (Medium not present)
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    Ah, you might have just a dvd reader. If it doesn't state on the front of the dvd reader that it has write capabilities then its not a writer. I would try smorizios instruction.
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