Asus X54C RAM size

I have an Asus X54C that I installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

I installed a 4GB stick of RAM, and the processor is an i3 2370M

It first started with 2 GB of RAM, and I have gone through this whole machine from motherboard and tore apart (got if from a guy that didn't want it anymore) and there's only one slot for RAM

With the 2 GB stick, it stated there were 4 GB or RAM. With the 4 GB stick installed, there's 8 GB of RAM installed. The BIOS showed the same

Is there something in the hardware that is doubling the RAM, or is there something wrong with the laptop? (The guy had confessed and spilled a Coke on the laptop)

I cleaned it and got a new HDD and keyboard for it, including the 4 GB stick of RAM. The laptop runs great, I just want to know more about the RAM

On another note, does the device manager show threads or processor cores? Under processors, it shows 4 processors (i3 2370M).

Any information would be great. Thanks!
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  1. If memory serves me correctly, (too lazy to look on youtube right now) you have a memory module soldered to the motherboard on that computer along with a single module which can be changed. I was not aware that the onboard memory may be dynamic (which it seems to be by your description). Checking out ram changing on youtube should verify that is what you are seeing.
    Hope it helps
    Edit: Device manage will show physical cores
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