Windows 7 Startup Repair Won't Work

So I was trying to run Startup Repair because I can't boot into Windows 7 and it says: "Cannot Fix Problem Automatically." I need to boot into this hard drive, is there any way?

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  1. The quick answer is no. I have been working with customers and Win7 since it was in RC. Once its broken it's almost impossible to repair, just like Vista. You will probably have to re-install, but that is just me.
  2. If there's data you don't want to lose, make sure you don't mess with the partitions and just install 7 "on top of" the old install. It will likely keep any installed apps from working until they are reinstalled. Once you are back in, would be a good idea to backup all your important data and run some hard drive scans to see if your drive is going bad.
  3. 1) As J_E_D_70 indicated the first thing want to do is to try to backup all of the files you have generated. This means that the MBR and partitions and FAT must be healthy.
    2) Download UBCD and check your HDD for problems, See:

    If above is successfull, then I would first try to use an upgrade method to re-install windows. this woulld retain your progrqms, favorite and emails. Basically it only re-writes windows files.
    If Upgrade method does not work, then a complete re-install would be required.
  4. What about Safe Mode?
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