CM Hyper101 on AMD Phenom 2 x4 955BE ?

Recently my stock amd cpu cooler decided to die. So i went out to buy an aftermarket heatsink. The only heatsink available near my living area is hyper101 by cooler master. I bought it without knowing the 95w compatibility and my processor is 125w. I installed it and ran prime95. The max load temp is 58c. Is it safe to use or i shall change it again ?
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  1. According to AMD's CPU specs, the max temperature for this CPU is 62c. If 58c is the max temp you are seeing under full stress (prime95), then you are OK.

    EDIT: AMD 955BE Specs
  2. But mine is C3 version. Is it the same ?
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    Yes, 62c is the maximum operating temperature for the C3 as well.
    AMD 955BE C3

    EDIT: Technically, your temps are acceptable. If you are concerned being too close to the temp "ceiling", double check that you used the correct amount of thermal paste, and the heatsink is mounted properly. If
    that checks out, you may want to consider an alternative cooling solution.

    Also, remember your real-world temps may not reflect what Prime95 reports. Prime95 stress tests typically go way beyond the average users CPU usage (i.e. web browsing, gaming, etc.). If it is stable from several hours of Prime95 blend testing without crashing, you will be OK.
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