CPU fused to heatsink - Thoughts?

Hello all, I've got a bit of a dilemma. I've been having some overheating problems with my AMD x6 1100 BE, which I attributed to the stock cooler, so I picked up a new one, and in the process of removing the old, managed to come away with the CPU fused to the contact plate on the cooler. Now, since the motherboard in my system has a ZIF socket, I can't put the CPU back in without risking damage (heatsink obstructs lever). Any thoughts on separating them?

Stuff I have tried:
- Alchohol applied around the edges
- Twisting it with my fingers
- Twisting the heatsink with the CPU in a padded vise
- Heating the copper heatsink with a soldering iron in an attempt to warm the arctic silver (presumably) adhering it

Things my frustrated mind is considering:
- Buying a hair dryer in an attempt to warm it that way
- Placing the assembly in the toaster oven to heat it (what temp?)
- Forcing it back into the closed ZIF socket, running the computer until it's hot, then removing it.

Thoughts? Warnings?
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  1. Take the fan off totally so it is just heat sink and cpu.

    Do you have a heat gun? What about hair drier, you want to heat up the heat sink ever so softly. Do NOT blast heat onto the cpu directly but onto the grills of the heatsink.
    Get it toasty warm, and with a jewelers slotted small screw driver (the small little little ones) take a slotted screw driver and put it between the cpu pcb board and heatsink bottom. You should be able to pop off the cpu. This only works when the heatsink is farely warm.
  2. You can try getting a really small jeweler's screwdriver (like people use on eyeglasses), and carefully work it in between on one side. Work slowly and carefully, if you can get it in far enough you should be able to break the seal and gently pry them apart. Do not use much force at all!

    Edited: typing slow this morning, no coffee yet. Didn't mean to echo moulderhere's suggestion. But so far, two votes for jeweler's screwdriver.
  3. ive had that happen and it wasnt even that old. the trick i used was dental floss and soak it it isoprop alcohol and try and get it between the two
  4. For Heat: Pre-heat even to 200 F, TURN oven OFF. Place HSF w/PU in oven and let it "soak" for 30 Min.
    Try seperating the two. In lue of dental floss, try using one of the many "Blank" Plastic credit cards (bevel one edge so that it has a knife like edge) to try to force seperation.
  5. I'm leaning towards the 200-degree oven-off "bake" idea right now; I'll see what I can do when I get home from teaching. I've also realized that I picked up (at some point) a two-bottle set of artic silver cleaning agent, so I'll try that as I make the attempt. I'll post the results, too. Don't let this dissuade anyone else from sharing other options! Thanks, guys!
  6. i think the soak in alcohol and use dental floss to seprate seems the safest.
  7. Tried that, actually. No go. I'll try it with the newly-found arctic silver cleaner I found as well.
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    Baked it in the oven at about 250-260 degrees for about 10 minutes. Lightly clamped it in a vise, and twisted gently back and forth, and it came loose! Cleaned it with arctic silver cleaning supplies and built the machine, and it's functional!
    Thanks, everyone! Victory!!!
  9. Now Enjoy
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