Can a READ-ONLY SD card be used for WRITE AND READ??

I have an abundance of READ-ONLY SD CARDS. This is not an issue with the write protection tab being switched. I need to know if there is a way to convert a READ-ONLY SD card , to where it can be formatted and re-used.

It is to my understanding that it may be a ROM chip instead of RAM. Even if I can re-format and put something useful on there only one more time that would be a lot better than having a bunch of outdated Navigation Cards that are now rendered useless
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  1. hmm never actually used a read only sd card but i would have to say there is some sort of lock in the hardware level most likely?
    Does it give you an option to try and format as well as changing the permissions set to it? what size do they happen to be?
  2. Can you format them? If not, no you can't re-use them. ROM is READ ONLY MEMORY, their programming is set when they are created, unless they are PROM chips, in which case you can use hardware made for that chip type to re-program them.
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