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i am runnnig an i7 3770 with a gigabyte ga-z77m-d3h. my question is what cooler should i use? is the cooler that comes with the cpu sufficient? or can i get a corsair h55 liquid cooler?

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  1. As long as you make sure that the stock HSF (heatsink/fan) is seated well you should be fine. Now if you are going to overclock or are looking for a quiet system than you can add a 3rd party HSF to deal thoses. The Corsair H55 is good for a quiet solution just do yourself a favor and check it for leaks on a constistant basis. For me I would most likely save a little money and go with a cooler like the Cooler Master hyper 212 Evo as it will give me about the same cooling for less money.
  2. when you're not overclocking, the stock cooler that comes with the cpu will do. assuming you meant to write the 3770K, and you do plan to overclock, a CM Hyper 212 Evo would do great for a mild OC.
  3. No overclocking the stock fan will always be sufficient with a good air flow case.
    But after market coolers like the h55 are never a bad idea. If you already have the h55 I say use it.
    If not and not planning on OC'ng. Assuming your proc is the "K" series and you just forgot to type it. Then stay with the default.
  4. Whats the worst that could happen with a leak? The radiator will be at the bottom of my case. Wil it manage to leak from the cooling element itself?
  5. If it leaks it can run onto the mobo, CPU, GPU, whatever is near or below it and possibly create a quantum singularity. Or maybe just fry those components.
  6. m05am said:
    Whats the worst that could happen with a leak? The radiator will be at the bottom of my case. Wil it manage to leak from the cooling element itself?

    a few things could happen.....

    If the radiator leaks at the bottm of the case then your case will get wet, the pump will not have any fluid to pump making the cpu get hot and ether shut down from overheating or will fry its self.

    Guessing you have a standered atx case and motherboard. If the block on the cpu leaks a few things happen, like stated above the pump has no fluid, cpu overheats. two i could drip fluid on the motherboard killing it or drip on the videocard killing that as well.

    And finally the pump could go bad, if this happens once again a few things could happen. cpu over heats and shuts down or kills its self, or it can over heat the fluid in the pump and lines and cause a major leak, once again going back to the cpu block leaking mentioned right above.

    And this is the wonderful world of watercooling that you have to watch out for. always think of the worst that could happen and try and plan ahead to fix all said problems before they happen.
  7. oki so i will rather stick with fan cooling, since the liquid cooler doesnt fit in my case.. what is a good fan cooler within the price range of $65?
  8. If you want a reasonable overclock, 4.2-4.5, get the Evo as mentioned above. Usually around $75 I keep seeing Noctua DH-14 (be aware it's heavy and can put too much torque on a thinner mobo).
  9. is this 1 good enough?

    Coolermaster V6 , RR-V6SV-22PR-R1 , 5° asymmetric aluminum fin with copper base + 6x 6mm heatpipes , 1x dynaloop bearing 120mm red-led PWM fan , 800-2200rpm , 34.02-93.74CFM , 15-38dba - for intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366/2011(via optional bracket ) , AMD s940/AMx/socket-F(1207)
  10. Sure. For either of them, be sure your case is wide enough to accomodate.
  11. thanks for the help
  12. If you are going to go for a sealed all in one water cooler I would look for the Corsair H100i if it where me. I have the Corsair H100i on my i5 3570K and it works great. It is really a good cooler and has the Corsiar Link built in. I may have got a bad fan on my stock cooler because it was really lood when the fan would ramp up which is the reason I went for the Corsair H100i and even with the two 120mm fans on the rad it is still quieter than the stock fan on the heatsink.

    I did not do a custom loop on this build because I just did not have the money to do it at the time like I did on my two AMD rigs. Unfortunately the extra money going intel meant less money for other things this time around but I must say the Corsair does a really good job and much less money than a custom loop.
  13. On my next build I'm going to get a Corsair H cooler. I've done some research and in the very very low case that it does leak Corsair has outstanding customer service and their coolers come with a 5 yeah warranty.

    Example if you ever run into a leak:
  14. I do not know how to upload a pic.. there is no way that the h55 will fit in my case so what I would like to know is can I have the the fan outside of where the rear fan is and the radiator inside.. the air will flow through holes. . Will that be a problem?
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