Can't use 4 ram modules with new CPU cooler?!?!


I've just installed the Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme in my system, which was perfectly stable with 4 ram modules (16GB).
Applied the MX4 themal paste, installed the cooler, and turned on the computer.
It turns on, and after 5 seconds turns off and on again, and does this cycle endlessly.

I noticed that for some reason the configured memory clock has changed from my previously configured 1866MHz (by XMP).
So I set it to XMP 1866MHz again and started to debug the problem by taking our memory modules.

Final conclusions:
1. Computer is rock stable with 2 modules, and passes memtest86 perfectly.
2. It does that with any 2 out of my 4 identical modules.
3. It does that with both ram slot dual-channel pairs.
4. With 3 modules there are a few memory errors.
5. With 4 modules there are tons of errors.
6. So all my modules are still perfect, and all ram slots on the motherboard are perfect.

This is so weird, how could the new CPU cooler affect that?!

BTW, the fan doesn't touch the ram sticks. And the CPU temps are very good. Reaching between 60-65 C at IntelBurnTest (with stock cooler they were reaching 80-85C).

My setup:
i7-3770K @ stock
Asus P8Z77-V bios v1805
4 x Corsair 4GB 1866MHz C9 (2 x CML8GX3M2A1866C9B)
Thermalright Silver Arror SB-E Extreme
Seasonic 850W 80+ Silver
Asus Geforce GTX580
Thermaltake Armor Case

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Last week toms did an article about the computers they build for 600-800-1200. Anyway in one of those articles the builder had troubles with the cooler warping the board and causing wierd stuff to happen. He also had issues with 1.65volt ram messing with the memory controler on the i5.,3454-5.html

    Intresting read.
    Its a stretch but maybe something like this is happening.
  2. Hi, Try reinstalling the heatsink. Check the CPU socket for bent pins. Make sure the heatsink is not overtightened.
  3. check your ram volatges.
    i had a similar issue a while ago: a mobo with 4 sticks wouldn't post, but any 2 sticks in any 2 slots or any 1 stick in any slot worked fine. it was a ram voltage issue, had to bump up ram voltage in bios to get it to run with all 4 sticks. might be same issue here.
  4. What gives with the P8z77 and 4 sticks? See my post.

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