What's the best router for a decent price!!!

Here's my setup...

two story house.
two laptops.
one desktop.

shouldn't be hard, right?
Well I've looked on plenty of sites and
everything i find out is contradicted elsewhere... BEST ONE PLEASE!
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  1. And you expect to get a non contradicted answer here. Consumer routers change so fast that the best router today will not be the best tomorrow. The vendors are constantly changing the internal parts of this equipment and the software. Sometimes you cannot even tell that the same exact routers have different chips on the inside.

    I suspect the key reason you get a lot of different opinions is wireless is extremely dependent on the persons house that it is placed in. So many times you are not comparing the router you are comparing the houses.

    I expect YOUR opinion about which router you like the best is as good as any you will find. You are the one that knows which feature you need and those you don't better than anyone else. Only recommendation is that you stay with more well known brands because you will have more people on the internet with that device to help you if you have questions.
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