PC no signal/beep/boot after trying to install graphics card


Motherboard: asus m3a78-cm
memory = 6gb (2x2,2x1) ddr2
original graphics card = radeon 6670
new card = osi r7770
psu (new) 600w ocx modxstreampro
So I opened my case and took out a memory to look at, then went to store ended up getting vid card. Directions said pop it in so I did.

Pc beeped a bunch so I shut it down took it out and read book, discovered I was short on power . Now..at this point I got no boot or signal, I threw old card back in and the problem persisted. This is why I suspect mobo, I likely shorted seomthing

Anyhow I got new psu anyhow,no luck, no signal/boot/beep. all combinations of new and old psu or onboard graphics no luck

breadboarded no luck, isolated mem sticks no luck, cmos battery no luck. Cleaned everything and reseatings, no luck. So I have a new psu, 2 vid cards 1 new, 1 old that was working prior and I dont have any reason to suspect they are the probs. Dont seem to be memory either still have to eraser them all and give that another go. Should I at this point just plan on replacing the mobo/cpu
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  1. check if you plug back all the power cable on the board and the gpu also the cpu fan ?
  2. nothing to worry. the memory stick u removed to have a look at didn't go back in the way it was. fimly reseat the mem stick in. if u do it rightly u should hear or feel the the two locks snap in .
  3. This is Lou again, had to post from the library till gf goes to work then I have laptop. Ill head back to the house and rebuild everything. I did breadboarding last nite so I reckon I have ruled out case issues. I will try to reseat every last piece one at a time and see if it doesnt come back to life.

    Beyond that money doesnt allow me to get new mobo till next week because my old one ddr2 so if I have to replace it it will likely be worth it to get a newer one (which are actually cheaper or the same than replacing my old one it would seem. Will make it so my old memory cant be re-used though.

    Ill post again after I try those things and appreciate any input. Just want to feel like Ive done everything I can before I go spending money. Also, is it worth it to pay tech guy 60 bucks to put it together, the only part Im concerned about is setting the chip into the board, just curious of opinions on that, is it a very sensitive operation? All the rest is just screws really, just have to make extra sure im properly grounded, if it is the mobo in the end, than thats probably my fault for not being careful. A lesson to all..follow instructions and dont skip things like safety, ends up costing you 200+ dollars on occasion
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