AMD Trinity A10-5800K + radeon 6670 or GIGABYTE HD7750 2GB

hi guys am i better off going for the dual graphics setup here or a
GIGABYTE HD7750 2GB stand alone card
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  1. its a tough choice but id say go for the crossfire setup to take advantage of the powerful onboard graphics. if you go for 7750 standalone it will waste the powerful onboard graphics. but not every game will take advantage of crossfire setup thats the only problem
  2. First of all let me give you the specs of my machine :

    Asus FM-A85X-M/CSM FM2 Motherboard
    A10-5800K CPU w/ Radeon HD 7660D
    Radeon HD 7750 Double Diamond OC Edition
    G-Skill Ripjaws X 2133mhz 4x2 For a total of 8 gigs
    Seagate baracuda 500Gig 7200 Rpm drive
    Orion 585 Watt Power Supply
    Generic M-ATX CASE
    Corsair H70 Liquid Cpu Cooler
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit

    Now that is out of the way i can tell you that i have the 7660D Onboard GPU running in Dual Graphics Mode with my Radeon HD 7750 using Catalyst Drivers version 13.1. And yes it has given me at least a 20FPS framerate increase in games i play Guildwars 2, The Secret World, The Sims 3, Simcity the new one just released and many others. I am loving it Try it out i know i don't regret it.
  3. You are better off with the Radeon HD 7750 which is equivalent to a Radeon HD 6770. The integrated Radeon HD 7660D is pretty weak, much weaker than a Radeon HD 6670. It is basically a little faster than a Radeon HD 5570.

    I would speculate that the Radeon HD 7660D + Radeon HD 6670 would be about as powerful as the Radeon HD 6750. However, that is assuming the game can take advantage of Crossfire.

    here are some benchmarks to support my claim
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