Running Nvidia and AMD graphics card together? + upgrading to AMD 7950

Hi all,

I currently have an ASUS 1gig gtx 560 ti, which i purchased about a year ago (i think). I am looking to upgrade to either a 660 ti or a AMD 7950. After reading countless forum threads I really haven't come to a solid conclusion. My original idea was to run the 560ti with a 7950 as a dedicated PhysX card (as i know this is possible with two Nvidia Cards). However I seem to have found that this is a hard thing to do. So, what do you recommend? I have read that the Sapphire Vapor-X or Dual-X is a good choice for 7950, but may also choose to purchase a 7870 if the extra money for a 7950 is unnecessary. Also, I would need to upgrade my PSU in order to run 2 cards, something I have been meaning to do for a while (to either a 750w evo blue 2.0 or something Corsair). Alternatively, I could sell the 560ti for around $100 (possibly) and maybe go for a 7970 (In that case which is your favorite). Anyway, all advise is appreciated. I plan to upgrade my cpu to an 8350 sometime this week. I am not going to spend over $500 in total (hopefully less than that).

Cheers! :)

System Specs:
Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX-Pro R2 |
CPU: AMD phenom II X4 970 |
Graphics Card: NVIDIA gtx 560 ti (Asus) |
Case: Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene White |
Power Supply: Antek 650w |
RAM: 12 gigs (2x2 gigs and 2x4 gigs) |
Monitor: 27” 2ms Asus VK278Q |
CPU cooler: Coolermaster Universal Hyper 212 EVO |
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  1. From what i remember, running a PhysX card does little at best. You would be best off selling the 560 because it's value is just going to decrease and go for the 7950 or 7970 (depending on pricing in your country). Also they would give you the biggest improvement over what you currently have, whereas I'd say a 7870 wouldn't be a gigantic upgrade
  2. that psi ia enough for most crossfire/sli setup. A 7870 le is enough for any games at 1080p maxed out with the exception of crysis 3. A 7970 le on ncix or newegg can go for $215 which is a really good buy. Unles you can find a 7950 that is around $250 i"d say go for the 7870 le(tahiti).
  3. Also, where would I go to sell my 560ti? Ebay, Gumtree, etc. I no longer have the box or manuals, just the card. Keep in mind that I live in Australia :)
  4. You cant officially run an Nvidia card as a dedicated PhysX if your primary GPU is a Radeon, if you download some hacked "Hybrid PhysX" drivers you can though. Given their bootleg nature, wouldn't expect it too work too reliably.

    I would say you would need to upgrade to a 7950 at least for the upgrade to be worth it, a 560ti is roughly equal to a 7850, so you want to be jumping at least one performance tier.

    As for where to sell the card...
    Try your friends, maybe subtly drop hints that their PC's might need upgrading :D. There's always Ebay and Gumtree to try. There is also a Deals forum on Toms where you can sell it, but not many Aussies on this forum so don't think you'l have much luck.
  5. Ok I think im going to go with the sapphire 7950 oc v2 ( - Sapphire ATI HD 7950 OC Edition V2 PCI-E 3.0, 3GB 384-bit GDDR5, 950/5000 Mhz, DVI, HDMI, 2x Mini DP). Seems to have good reviews and benchmarks. Its either that or the msi 660 ti power edition, but 7950 seems better for OC. Also, how much do you think i could get for the 560ti? Its in good condition, a bit dusty, and ive lost the box. i was thinking maybe 100 - 150?
  6. Would say around $150 for a used 560Ti, maybe less if you'v overclocked it.
    If you end up shipping it, make sure to get an anti-static bag. You'l find that most proper PC retailers (Like MSY, Umart, not Dick Smith or JB Hi-Fi) will have boxes of them behind the counter, so for a few bucks they'l probably sell you one large enough for a graphics card.
  7. Run two different video cards one from AMD one from Nvidia by installing the AMD in the first slot and resetting the CMOS

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