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I think I may have a defective CPU, each time I go to turn on the power, I keep pressing and pressing until it finally clicks to start. It started gradually, however, it's gotten worse - now I can't seem to turn the thing on at all. I'm thinking of dropping it off at Staples or Office Depot for them to take a look at it - I don't use it often and I'm the only user. It's about 4 yrs old. I'm so fustrated. Thank you!
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  1. Having to press the power button repeatably usually means a faulty power supply.
  2. two issues...power supply power good 5v line is low...bad cap...in the power supply or there a bad cap on the mb or the case on switch is going bad or if the case has a small daughter board the board or cables are lose/bad.
  3. Thank you :-D
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