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My internet access is WEP secured and limited to just one IP address at a time. I have an account name and password, but no higher level access to the router. Also, I don't have a wired connection -- I can only connect my one device at a time wirelessly. I know that I can run a wireless bridge network, but I want to be able to connect multiple wired and wireless devices. What do I need to create a secured private wired and wireless subnetwork with a private IP address, since I cant run a repeater?
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  1. You just have to run what was called a repeater before all the companies starting selling all the silly things that are "rebroadcasters" rather than repeaters. There are some true "repeaters" but it is generally cheaper to build your own.

    All you do is get 2 routers. Run 1 as a wireless bridge. Then connect the WAN port to the bridge. The router should then "appear" to the main wireless network as a single device and share this with the lan side of the router...just like any other internet connection.

    The big advantage to this kind of repeater is that you can use different radio channels and different security if you like for the connection to the main site and the connection to your end devices.
  2. If you are trying to hide something from the people who setup the network, they can easily find a rogue router and disable it. Network tools are designed to do these things.
  3. Nope, not trying to do anything prohibited, and I am not trying to hide any activity from the people who set up the network. Of course, I do want to hide (read: PROTECT) my data files just as any user wants to prevent unauthorized activity on their machine.

    I have a username and password to access the SSID, and each username is issued a maximum of one concurrent dynamically allocated IP address. The one device at a time limit enforces a bandwidth limitation. I don't need and can't afford to buy more IP addresses (i.e. more bandwidth).

    I am permitted to connect whatever devices I want to the SSID, just restricted to one device at a time. Lots of other people are running permitted wired bridge networks to share their internet access across a few devices, but I only have wireless devices. So what I really want to do is to share my limited bandwidth simultaneously across a few low-speed wireless-only devices (like 2 or 3 cellphones, and 1-2 tablets), so each one can maintain a wireless internet connection without bumping the other devices off of the internet.

    Can I do this with any two routers, or do I need to make sure the first one has a bridge mode option? I will head out to Radio Shack later today to pick up the routers.

    hang-the-9 said:
    If you are trying to hide something from the people who setup the network, they can easily find a rogue router and disable it. Network tools are designed to do these things.
  4. You need to be sure you find a router that has "bridge/client" mode. It is a fairly common feature but you need to check for it.

    I am somewhat concerned about userid and password and how exactly that works but since you say people already run bridge devices they are not running 802.1x. 802.1x would prevent you from connecting from anything other than a end wireless device.

    Since it runs pretty much any platform (ie phone,pad,pc) I suspect it is just a simple IP intercept thing like a hotel uses. You would need to log into something from behind your router but then it would open it up for everything else behind the router since it does not know which device is really talking.
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