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I have a computer lab with 100+ Win7 computers. I need to keep the Windows side and other apps updated (java, browsers....) I need something that will make this a more simple process, oppose to updating one at a time.
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  1. This is one of the biggest pains a network admin has to deal with.

    Microsoft has WSUS that is free and can be used to patch windows components. It is easy to use and has good reporting.
    The downside is it only patches Microsoft stuff so things like Java, Adobe ... won't get patched

    Trying to get a product that does it all means you will probably have to spend some money.
    Take a look at this thread for more info:
  2. I use Secunia PSI which auto updates programs when you run it and you can also set it to have it open once the system boots and it'll check the security state of everything and notify you. Though for 100+ computer there might be a better program where you can roll out the software on every machine and monitor it on a single system instead of having to go to each machine to verify everything has been updated, i think there is a corperate version of Secunia PSI that has something similar to that, but i bet there is a cost involved.
  3. if you can find msi's you can deploy via the once choice with group policy, it is a bit of a pain with adobe because you have to install then extract the msi, and with.
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