PSU good for my build?

I going to get a HD 7850 2 gig and i7 3770. I will not be overclocking.

Is this good enough? Does my PSU have the wires for HD7850?

600W Rosewill
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  1. By just specs it is just fine but:

    The Rosewill's made by Superflower are good, the rest I would say no.,2913-8.html

    Try this XFX instead
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    No, that is not a good PSU. It is an outdated, inefficient model also likely overrated (although Jonnyguru found at least one in that series good for what was on its label).
    With no plans for overclocking or significant upgrades, I would recommend a PSU in the 450W-500W range that is made by Seasonic, FSP, Delta, or Super Flower. The new Rosewill Capstone PSUs are made by Super Flower and are good.
    Edit: XFX PSUs are made by Seasonic, so the Pro550 would be another excellent choice.
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