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Hello, as the title suggests I'm looking for 3 of the same kind of monitor, 3D and 27" preferably with thin bezels, at the moment after hours of searching the only one that's peaked my interest is the Asus VG278HE, is there anything better that I've missed in the 3 to £500 price mark per monitor.

I'm open to any 24" suggestions but after using a 32" screen as my display for the past year I'm not sure I'd be happy with the drop in size, but again after a lot of browsing I can only see 1 decent one by BenQ but it's about £30 more expensive than the 27" Asus.

Unless I'm looking in the wrong place there doesn't seem to be a great deal of selection.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. You might look at the ASUS VG27AH http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236304
    I don't know about the price for you. In particular, I like the IPS display with a 178/178 viewing angle. It will keep the side images from looking washed out.
  2. The Asus VG278HE are the monitors I replaced my center Asus 27" non 3D monitor in my Eyefinity setup. It works very good. I figured I would not be doing much 3D Surround until I get a second GTX 670 for SLI so I have only replaced one of them at this time. I was happy that I was still able to get them to all match across the three.

    I must say after using 3 x 27" for so long I do not think I could go back to less than three or use a smaller size monitor any longer.
  3. I have 3 Asus Vg278he 144 hz moniters and they are amazing, Check out my youtube channel TheChrisglasgow.
  4. The biggest question is what is your GPU? The VG278H(e) and VG248QE are Nvidia 3D Vision 2 monitors, that IPS monitor is going to be HD3D (and passive).
  5. And the bezels on these moniters are ok, just put the outside moniters behind the middle moniter, U dont even notice the bezels when gaming.
  6. Im using 2 x Evga 580gtx superclocked on water, They r only 1.5gb vram but they run most games on ultra even with 3D on, will be upgrading soon to either 880gtx sli or titan black sli. 3D is not a gimmick even though most people on here seem to think it is, This is my 2nd set of triple 3D moniters, These people either cant see 3D that well or they have not set it up properely, The support for 3D gaming isnt the best but with the launch of the Oculus and the sony morpheus all that will change. Nvidia 3D surround has to be tried to be aprciated.
  7. Forgot 2 say my 1st set of moniters were the original 3D vision im now running 3D vision 2 moniters and glasses, I can see an improvement as the original 3D effect made games look quite dark.
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