B75 vs H77 vs Z75 vs Z77

CPU that I have: I5 3570 (non-k)

overclocking in the future or now?: definently not.. sticking to stock (not a heavy gamer or anything either)

Currently I have the "ASUS P8Z77-V LK mobo" - money isn't that big of an issue as I want a long-term durability type desktop so I would rather spend the extra $30 for the Z77 board to pair with my 3570 to have a good combo.

The H77 there's only like a $10 difference so obv scratch that.. the real question is,

should I get an "ASRock Z75" which is like only $90 with this board or get like a Gigabyte B75 for $60.

I don't plan on overclocking, SLI, crossfire at all.. but I do want what is best for my CPU and so I can use it long-term and not be a waste. Basically If i'm going to have a decent CPU, I don't want a shitty mobo... but will the B75/Z75 be fine? or should I just keep the Z77 and move on.. LOL
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  1. If you will never sli, OC, RAID, SRT, etc, get the cheapest one that has the connectivity (USB, SATA, etc) that meets your needs.
  2. that is a down grade since you have a Z77 motherboard and is better than the junk you ASrock or Gigabyte, oh and Z77 is the top chipset for socket 1155
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    keep the asus mobo. spending extra cash to change to a different product only to use exactly the same features you currently have available is pointless. yes the LK is near the bottom of asus's range, but that's not to say it's a low quality board that will effect the longevity of your cpu - it just means it lacks the features required for things such as heavy overclocking, sli, ect; things you don't need.
  4. gracias folks!
    just some more info on your board, seems it's not as low in asus' range as i'd first thought. it supports sli & the basic vrm setup shoulkd allow you some limited overclocking if you do change your mind in the future. given your needs, definately a keeper.
  6. Ok - maybe I'm confused - have you already purchased the LK?
  7. JED, yes I have.. but i been reading that I dont need it.. compared to the H77, it's a $10 difference not a big deal. The main question comes for me to downgrade to the B75 instead of the Z77-LK for the sake of saving $50...
  8. Ah ok - that's way different. As stated by others it would be a pain to buy down, move the components, then try to sell the LK. Stick with it. Even your locked cpu can be pushed up another 400mhz safely. Would get a cheap cpu cooler for that tho. I highly recommend a safe oc like that.
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