5th generation Intel core : will it stay with the lga 1155?

If Intel 5 gen keeps with the same socket, I'll get it. I really want to be able to upgrade in the future. If you know pls say. If there isn't any info on that yet, ps say as well. Thank you
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  1. do you mean haswell?

    if so no it will be socket 1150 if i remember right

    edit--though think haswell is 4th gen and broadwell will be 5th

    also 1150
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    Intel Broadwell will be compatible with the upcoming Intel Haswell socket.
  3. No, the next intel cpus, the haswell ones are for a different socket, the lga 1150, there's no more cpus coming for lga 1155.
  4. I wanted to know if the 4 and 5th gen will be compatible. Thanks :D
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