2TB HDD with Program Files failed

I have a 120GB SSD for my OS and some programs, most of my games are on my 2TB which has failed. I have both a system image backup and regular back up of the data from the 2 TB drive. How can I restore this drive? Somehow I doubt it will just be a matter of restoring the files. Will merely restoring the files work if it is the same size and drive letter?
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  1. If you have an exact directory/file backup of the 2tb drive you should be able to just copy over everything from your backup to the hard drive. Be sure that the new drive has the same drive letter as the old one. You shouldn't have to reinstall the games you had installed on the 2tb drive.
  2. I was really hoping someone would say that :) but had my doubts (can you say bad day?). If I expereince any further problems, I will post back. Thanks 10^6!!
  3. OK, got my replacement drive and everything worked out great! Just for anyone else wondering, these were program files installed on a separate drive when using the installer, just changing the path during installation. Thanks again!
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