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Hey everyone,
I have recently moved some computers around and am getting a weak signal from the router. The router is a dual antenna model from my ISP. I have the antenna's arranged so that one is broadcasting the signal across the downstairs floor, while the other antenna is sending the signal upstairs.

I am using a desktop that is wired into the router, while a second computer (a laptop) is using wireless. The laptop is the problem, because it is being moved between floors on a regular basis. Downstairs it has a strong signal because it is close to the router, but upstairs, it is running at about 50% signal strength and it is noticeable.

My desktop has an ASUS P5B Deluxe WiFi edition MOBO (yes it's old I know.) I was wondering if I could use the antenna on that to strengthen the signal or create a second network through the desktop WiFi for the laptop to connect to. The P5B seems to offer plenty of options when it comes to this, but I am unsure as to which route to go with. Thanks.
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  1. Your wirelles on mobo is not nearly powerfull to act as an AP. It will give you about 3% of strength and you'll not be able to do anything, only to connect remote control for PC.
  2. What you need is to boost this signal that you have.

    Have you set transmission to max in your router? Do you see any other WLAN in your range and how many?
  3. Hey Feldmarschall,
    I was reading up on other devices causing interference with the router. There are several other networks that can be picked up by the laptop. I checked my router and the antenna power is set to 100%. The channel selection is on Auto and it won't let me change it. It is currently using Channel 11. So at this point I think trying to boost the signal through the router is a dead end. Out of curiosity, is it possible to set up the network with the laptop feeding off the desktop while it's upstairs? I know you said it would be a weak signal, but I do not want to rule it out. Both machines sit about 6 feet away from each other with nothing between them when the laptop is upstairs. Thanks.
  4. Okay. Can you run Speedtest and tell me results from upstairs and downstairs?

    Program you could use is Connectify and it's free. It's easy for using.

    If you are 5 channels away from other networks than there is no interference between you.

    And you could boost your signal quite a bit if you are willing to create WINDSURFER :)
    I've did when needed to connect with friend 300m away indoors. It works perfectly.

    check video description for antena print
  5. If I read this correctly you have a wire run from the router upstairs to desktop pc. Option 1 just put a $20 switch in upstairs and plug both your laptop and your desktop in with cable. Option 2 buy a cheap router instead of a switch and run it as a AP. You now have both wireless and wired upstairs.
  6. Hey guys,
    The laptop was reading a 15.54 download and 10.43 upload speed upstairs, while getting 32.17 download and 7.96 upload downstairs (next to the router). I made a Windsurfer and that brought the laptop up around 20 download upstairs. I did not want the laptop to have many wires on it and I don't want to be connecting and disconnecting from two separate networks all the time. I was hoping to set something up that would act like a cellphone tower. Once a stronger signal is available, the laptop would automatically switch access points.
  7. Only thing you could do is to buy W-LAN extender. something like this.
    In this case you'll have max internet connection upstairs.

    How strong signal is now with windsurfer?
  8. I had a feeling an extender would be the only way to go. I'm currently getting about 75% strength with the Windsurfer and is somewhere around 20 Mbps download.
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