Needing Advice on Upgrading Dell XPS 9000 Desktop

Hi, first time poster here.
I've owned a Dell XPS 9000 desktop for a bit over two years and while I upgraded the RAM from 8GB to 20GB, I obviously need to upgrade the processor, graphics card, and possibly add an SSD or two. However, I don't know much about upgrading especially compatibility and I'd really appreciate if anyone knew what I can upgrade and where to get it, or if it's even possible to upgrade?
FYI I am a student 3d modeling/animator so I'm looking for high end, performance and speed. I'm planning on doing this for a while and can't afford to have a computer hold me back. :)
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  1. Build your own computer. Here is a website you can go about picking parts and such. The results will be a more affordable, more reliable and a machine with better capabilities of future upgrading.

    If you are thinking "I dont know how to build a computer!" Just go to youtube and search "build a computer" and you should come up with multible tutorials that step you all the way from mounting your processor, ram and even your mortherboard into the case.

    Good luck and I hope you go the build route!
  2. Oh sorry, and here is the PC parts picker website:
  3. Yes, I may actually build my own but I was hoping that I'd be able to keep using the XPS but just upgrade it so that it'd still be useful to me.
    Thanks for the suggestion though, I've started looking into building my own and I have a few friends helping me out as well.
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    Well looking at the specs it looks like you can upgrade slightly.

    You're MOBO supports the LGA 1366 chipset, which was replaced with the LGA 2011 chipset; which if you look at processors that you could upgrade to (the Intel i7 9xx set) the cost is 400-600 dollars. Whereas if you build you're own you could upgrade to the 2011 chipset and get an i7-3820 for just as much as the processor alone.

    The other reason to build your own instead of just upgrading is your motherboard (mobo) only supports PCI express 2.0- and most of the better video cards coming out these days are PCI express 3.0.

    Also, it looks like your MOBO only supports xfer rates of 3GB/s...and upgraded mobo's go up to 6 gb/s

    The only thing that looks like it hasn't grown up since your computer was built is that your mobo supports DDR3 SDRAM.

    So again...I recommend building your own computer.
  5. Sweet. Thanks for the info - I was hoping upgrading would be easy but yeah, figured it wouldn't be. Oh well, thanks again!
  6. First, to see if you can upgrade, I need basic information about your XPS, such as processor information, preferably model, which RAM sticks you used, and do you have video card? Based on this I can advice possible upgrades. If you are not interested in games, this XPS may hold for another couples of years and save money for new buid in couple of years.
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