Hard drive will not boot anymore?

Ok guys, i bought a new FX AMD procesor and tried to install it on my m5a99x Evo Asus botherboard and found out that it needed a biod update before i installed it so i took everything back out and put my old stuff in and i have had nothing but problems.

First, the CPU light was coming on and staying on. I fixed that and then the ram light came on. Fixed that. Then i my computer was getting the blue screen and not loading up. It was also giving me a ram error etc. SO i turned it off and went to bed. Today i turned it on and now the Boot device light is on. I have a Seagate 2tb harddrive as my main and i am not sure whats going on. I fix one thing ad i break another. I now have everything taken out except for one stick of ram, my video card and my main harddrive and i still have that boot light on.

I am not getting any video either so i cant tell whats going on. What is oging on? did i completely mess everything up? I have been through forum after forum for troublshooting tips and i am about to throw this computer out the window and take up clogging because at least that wont break when you touch it.
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  1. Hi, Try reinstalling the CPU. After that clear the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). Install the board outside the case on its box.
  2. To clarify, you set things EXACTLY the way they were before?

    Unless you broke something, your problem is one or more connections.
    1) unplug every drive, including the DVD from the motherboard

    2) remove and reinsert every card, CPU and connector (start with the EASIEST and do the CPU only if all other options fail)

    3) Verify your RAM is in the correct slots (unless not removed since working before)

    *If it starts working:
    a) verify with MEMTEST
    b) update to latest BIOS for new CPU
    c) swap CPU's

    It's likely a connection issue.
  3. I pulled everything out except my hard drive, graphics card and motherboard and still the boot devise light is on. After about 10 econds, that light shut off but the whole time, i have no visual on screen.. Even if i somehow got this back up and running updating the bios seems like a pain in the butt because i have never done that before.. I pulled out all the ram and i only have one stickin there at the moment. The momory light is not on so i think the ram is ok. I am beginning to tink i fried my motherboard which really makes me mad seeing how i didnt wanna buy a whole new computer (since all of this is pretty new) i just wanted to update the CPU to the new AMD FX which i was told would work with my board only to find out that i need to update the bios for it to work... im pulling my hair out now..
  4. *UPDATE* ok so u pulled the CMOS battery for about 24 hours and I went through and cleaned and reseated the CPU and it decided to come up. Updated my bios and am now running one of the new AMD FX CPUS. Thanks for your responses guys.
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