Thoughts on the Motorola SB6121 versus the SB6141?

I'm looking to make the jump to an owned modem over a rented modem. I'm looking at both of these as a replacement. I've heard great things about both, but better things about the 141. I've heard the 141 tolerates a wider variety of cable signals and gives better performance overall. Anyone help me make a final decision on which one to grab?
If it matters, It's just for personal use. I do do some online gaming and only have a limited amount of devices attached to the network.
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  1. I have the 6120 that I bought when it first came out because I would have to reset my modem at least once a month. I haven't had to reset the 6120 since I got it up and running. Unfortunately that is the extent of my knowledge since I'm not looking anymore.

    Reviews are great.

    MODEMS never have a lot of connection options. That's why you would add a ROUTER as well. Most companies rent you a "gateway" device that combines the MODEM and the ROUTER in one unit.

    Get that MODEM and if you need to connect to more computers look into an additional ROUTER (not a ROUTER with a Modem).
  3. If you need a simple and easy but yet excellent comparative review, check out this review which I found -
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